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The IISM/Setiabudi hostel provides a very conducive atmosphere for learning. The hostel is located in the International Islamic University (IIUM) Compound.  The hostel is clean, comfortable and affordable and enables students to pursue their studies in tranquility.  At the hostel, IISM/Setiabudi students have to adhere to a systematic and structured schedule. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, physical activities after Asr prayer. They perform Maghrib, Isha’ and Fajr prayers in congregation and they are nurtured with Qur’an recitation, memorization and simplified tafsir between Maghrib and Isha’ prayer to instill a sound understanding of Islamic creed, Shariah and Akhlaq. Students are also disciplined through housecleaning schedule and ‘digging’ their talent activities over the weekend. The concept of the accommodation is based on apartment style.

Each of the unit will have following amenities for IISM / Setiabudi :

  • 4 Bedrooms (2 student per room) – Setiabudi / IISM student
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Basic amenities (Hot shower, furniture, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Centralized Computer Room
  • Centralized Laundry Room
  • Musolla
  • Dining Area
  • 24 hours free Wifi
  • 24 hours CCTV Monitored with Security
  • 2 full time warden / 2 assistant warden