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1. If I get 30 days entry, can I proceed with the visa application?

Yes, you can proceed with the application if all the required documents are complete.

2. What types of Insurance do I need to get for visa application?

It is compulsory for you to have Medical insurance and you can apply for this insurance once you arrive in Malaysia. If you already have insurance from your own country, you must ensure that the insurance covers the whole Malaysia. The insurance is not borne by school. Therefore you are required to get the insurance on your own. However, the school can/will recommend several insurance agent companies for you to liaise with.

3. What if I have less than 30 days to submit documents?
4. If I come from another school, can my Visa still be processed?

Yes. You will have to wait for MOE approval letter and complete the required documents before we proceed with the visa application. Once you have completed the documents and MOE approval letter is received, you are required to shorten your visa at the previous school. The visa application will be considered as new application.

5. How do I certify my documents?

To certify your documents with Certified True Copy official stamping, you have to go to the Malaysian Embassy in your respective country or to your respective embassy in Malaysia.

6. What are the requirements for Guardian pass and Dependent Visa?

According to the Malaysian Immigration Department, the students are not eligible to apply for student pass if the parent/s holding is/are a temporary pass.

7. If the parent/s is/are holding a Temporary Employment pass (PLKS), will the student be eligible to apply for student pass?
8. Do I have to show my bank statement when applying for Guardian Application?

Yes you do. It is part of requirement for Guardian Application. The bank statement also must be from your country of origin and stamped by the respective bank itself. The bank statement without official stamp from the bank will be considered as incomplete document. The bank statement must be in English/Malay version. If you already have a bank account in Malaysia, you still need to get the bank statement stamped by the respective bank.

9. What if I come to Malaysia with E-visa, can I still submit the application for student / guardian pass?

E-visa is for tourist and cannot be used for student/guardian pass application. You can only use Single Entry visa for this purpose.

10. What is the difference between E-Visa and Single Entry Visa?

E-Visa is a visiting visa and it is applied through online. It cannot be extended and it cannot be converted to other type of visas. Single Entry Visa is also a visiting visa but applied at the Malaysian Embassy in the respective country. This type of visa can be extended and can be converted to other type of visas, depending on the applicant’s qualification.

11. How long does it take for the Ministry of Education (MOE) Letter to be prepared?

The process for MOE Letter usually takes about 30 working days. Once we receive it, we will inform the applicant via email.

12. I am an Indonesian, where should I get all my documents stamped?

For Indonesia citizen, firstly you have to get all your documents stamped by your country’s ministry (Kementerian Hukum Ham Ri and Kementerian Luar Negeri). Then, you must get Certified True Copy stamping at the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia only. You cannot get Certified True Copy stamping at Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia.

13. I come from Thailand, how do I get Certified True Copy stamping for my documents?

For Thailand citizen, firstly you are required to translate all the documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. Then, submit the translated documents to the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok to get official Certified True Copy stamping.